In House Coach Training


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Trusted partner for internal coach training

We partner with companies  and other organizations to run ICF or EMCC accredited in-house coach training:

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    Coaching for Managers and Leaders leading up to EMCC Foundation level

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    Coaching Fundamentals leading up to ICF ACC and EMCC practitioner certification (ICF Level 1)

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    Coaching Fundamentals plus Coaching in Organizations leading up to PCC certification (ICF Level 2)

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    EMCC accredited Team Coaching course leading to EMCC ITCA and offering all training hours for ICF ACTC

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    Mentoring and ICF Onboarding (allowing your internal coaches to gain ICF certification with  recognition of their previous training)

Guaranteed quality

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    The programs are accredited by the International Coach Federation and the EMCC, the international gold-standard for coach training programs guaranteeing the international recognition of the quality of the training.

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    Our EMCC accredited program is for Managers & Leaders that want to get to a Foundational level

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Comfortable, flexible, efficient, global and online

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    We partner with companies around the globe: our trainings are available for all time zones.

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    We have managed large training programs with large cohorts before and have an easy administrative backend allowing for smooth registration and reporting with the least hassle possible for your learning and development team.

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    The time investment for participants is 2 hours training every week. Even busy people will find the time to profit from our training without putting a strain on their life. In fact, since participants are being coached as well as learning to coach, their life will probably become even easier when they join our training.

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    Participants take part online and from their desk. There is no need to spend valuable hours in trains, planes, automobiles or hotels saving  time and energy.

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    The sessions are run with Zoom: as easy to connect as a mouse click. We can adapt to any platform you are using: Teams, Webex, etc. There is friendly support for technophobes. Offline material is available in a modern “moodle” environment. Participants can access the learning material whenever they want, wherever they are, which gives them optimal flexibility and choice on where and how to spend their time.

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    The small group with a maximum of 12 participants and the possibility to do breakout rooms in the virtual environment for even smaller groups make the training highly interactive. Participants get lots of hands-on practice and feedback so that they learn fast, efficiently and effectively.

Our coach trainings for Internal Coaches

Coaching for Managers and Leaders: EMCC Foundation
Coaching Fundamentals: ICF Level 1 / EMCC Practitioner
Coaching in Organizations: ICF Level 2 / EMCC Senior Practitioner
Coaching Masterclass: ICF Level 3
Team Coaching: EMCC ITCA

Optimal preparation for growing an internal coaching team

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    The training is truly global and set up so that people from all over the world can join (Asia, Europe, American time-zones). Meet, be coached by and learn to coach global participants. Perfect practice for today’s world and perfect to cater to the educational needs of a global corporation or NGO.

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    The training includes basic skills plus wide range of coaching specialties (team coaching, coaching in organizational development, coaching in change management, coaching in conflict situations) so that the future coaching practice of the participants is not limited to hour long one-on-one sessions but can be used versatilely in today’s global business environment.

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    The training is highly practical and transferable to participants’ worklife and perfect for global managers, leaders, and HR. Solution Focused coaching is effective, pragmatic, ethical, non-invasive and respectful and easily adaptable to many situations.

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    We can amend the program to fit your organization’s specific coaching needs. For example, if you would like participants to learn about “Coaching as a leader” we can easily substitute “Coaching in Conflict Situations” or “Coaching in Organisational Change and Development” as a module.

Languages of the program

English, German, Italian, Farsi, Arabic, Romanian, Polish, Russian (Other languages can be arranged.)

Technical requirements

We will use ZOOM as a platform: Participants will need a headset and a webcam, phone dial ins are available, too.

In House Mentoring and Supervision

We run our online coach mentoring and supervision inhouse for your internal coaches. ICF credentialed coaches need 10 hours of mentoring for renewal or upgrade of their first ACC credential. EMCC accredited coaches need one hour of supervision each quarter or every 35 hours of coaching they deliver. Offering group and individual mentoring and supervision inhouse ensures quality and offers coaches upgrade of their skills and ease in credentialing with the ICF. You ensure and demonstrate a high quality of your inhouse coaching.

Individual Mentoring and Supervision

Individual mentoring is mostly conducted over the phone or in an online environment (e.g. zoom). We charge 700€ (plus 19% VAT, if billed within Germany) for three mentoring or supervision sessions via a phone, zoom or other online conversation.

Group Mentoring and Supervision

With 6 people to a mentoring group your delegates will have the opportunity of having at least one of their coaching recordings discussed and they will have listened to a maximum of 5 other people coach and have gotten feedback.

Booking is very easy through our administrative backend — participants can register online with us thereby reducing the hassle for your talent development team

We can organize regular mentoring groups: for example, 2 hours via the online platform zoom (phone dial in is also possible) every 4 weeks.

Here are our packages:



7 hour group mentoring package (maximum of  6 participants)

3600 € (plus 19% VAT if invoiced to Germany)

3 hour individual mentoring package over 3 months

700€ per participant (plus 19% VAT if invoiced to Germany)