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Please book appointments with Kirsten Dierolf, ICF MCC, EMCC MP, ITCA MP, ESIA here. Kirsten is the owner and founder of SolutionsAcademy and has been coaching since 1996. Kirsten offers coach supervision, MCC mentor coaching and executive coaching. She also coaches executive teams. To enquire about rates before an engagement please write to:

Executive Coaching

Custom Executive Coaching Retainer Packages

A custom executive coaching retainer package offers executives flexible access to their coach. The clients receive a special VIP booking link and Kirsten guarantees that she will be able to make time for the executive client within 48 hours. The package may include a verbal 360 degree feedback from the client’s stakeholders at the beginning and the end of the coaching process.

Coaching topics are obviously entirely the client’s choice, but could be: dealing with highly political situations, leadership role, talent management, engaging in constructive conversations, becoming a mentor, conversations on sensitive topics, change management, clarity on targets, challenging individuals, increasing team performance, managing culturally diverse workforce, conflict management, work-life balance, presentations and public speaking, etc. For rates, please enquire at

Hourly Executive Coaching

Kirsten also coaches “ad-hoc” on an hourly basis. Executive coaching starts at 350 € an hour.

Executive Team Coaching Process

Most executive team coaching processes start by a round of interviews with the team and the team leaders followed by a series of team coaching workshops and a final evaluation. The duration is usually between 3 months and a year. Pricing varies according to the scope of each process.

MCC Performance Evaluation Mentor Coaching Package

Many coaches aspiring to receive the ICF MCC credential need mentor coaching around recordings they have created. For greatest flexibility, you can book a “time-package” with Kirsten starting at 180 minutes. You might use these minutes for speaking to Kirsten in a mentoring session or have Kirsten listen to a recording and read a transcript and produce a written evaluation. The package is available for 900 €.

Coach Supervision

Kirsten can support you “ad-hoc” for any coaching or team coaching conundrum or in a longer supervision process. In both cases, we charge 300 € per hour.

Mentor Coaching and Supervision for course participants

Participants in our MCC, Supervision and Team Coaching courses (MCC Masterclass, Coaching Supervision, Team Coaching)  are recommended to book one mentor coaching or supervision session (preferably the last one) with Kirsten. This is included in the price of the course.

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Kirsten Dierolf


Coaching and Coach Supervision languages: English, German

Recording languages for mentoring: English, German, French, Russian, Spanish

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