Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders


Accreditations of our program

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International Online Coach Training for Managers and Leaders
EMCC EQA Foundation, IASTI Initiate Level

Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders

Two hours weekly for 7 weeks - leading to EMCC Foundation Accreditation and IASTI Initiate Level

Would you like to learn to
lead using coaching skills and learn a solid, evidence based approach?

You are a manager or leader in an organization, a company, an NGO, an association, a church… and you would like to be as effective as you can using every conversation with your direct reports as efficiently as possible. As a leader, you want to be a “host” rather than a servant or a hero: make great conversations possible that propel your team forward.

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Solution Focused coaching skills will really help you do just that:

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    Solution Focused is an easy to use and easy to apply, yet structured, professional and evidence based approach. You will have the certainty that your conversations have a solid foundation. No fluff or strange practices that will make your people wonder whether you have been on a seminar.

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    We work with the conversations that you actually have. Every session, we are thinking about how you can apply what you learned right away.

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    The course runs for 7 weeks, 2 hours a week and is purely online, so very manageable. We start courses 3 times a year at different times of the day and days of the weeks, so there will surely be a course that fits your schedule.

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    There is lots of additional material available for your learning and you will be able to practice what you have learned in peer groups as well.

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    The course is accredited with EMCC, so that you have a guarantee for our quality and can get accredited with EMCC at “Foundation” level to start your coaching journey and to increase your future employability even further.

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    You also receive a cool “SolutionsAcademy Leadership Coaching Skills” Badge for your social media presence right after the course!

If you would like to start right now, why not download our free coaching flashcards?

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Constructive conversations are the basis of every good leadership! In our “Coaching Skills for Manager and Leaders” you will learn:

  • To lead constructive conversations
  • Solution Focused thinking and acting
  • Simple structures for all kinds of conversations in everyday leadership life

The course has 7 modules of two hours each, which take place in weekly intervals and is very practice-oriented!

The course is accredited by EMCC at Foundation level.

When managers can have constructive, development-oriented conversations – even in the hallway or at the water cooler — the motivation, retention, performance and enjoyment of all employees increases. Move away from blame and negative feedback to a true culture of excellence.

If you need to miss a class, you can watch the recorded session. We expect you to miss less than 15% of the classes to be able to graduate. If you need to miss more, you can either join another class later (for free) or book individual mentoring hours (at an additional cost) to make up for the time.

The minimum number of participants is 6 (we can arrange for classes for specific groups if you would like), the maximum number is 12.

Here is a description of the content:




Constructive Leadership Conversations


Solution Focused Mindset


Solution Focused Questions and Structure of a Conversation


Solution Focused Leadership Conversations


Short and Unplanned Daily Leadership Conversations


Structured Leadership Conversations


Ongoing Mastermind Groups

Your investment

38 hours “Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders”: 1800 € (plus 19%  VAT*) leading up to Accreditation with EMCC at Foundation Level.

Payments can be made in installments. We expect to have been paid in full by the end of the program.

(*19% VAT applies to individuals and companies in Germany, individuals in the European Union, no VAT applies to companies in the EU with a valid VAT number and to individuals and companies outside of the European Union)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Registration, policies on withdrawals and refunds

Any cancellations will have to be in written form. If the participant cancels later than 30 working days before the start of the program, 60% of the fee (and VAT if applicable) will have to be paid as an administrative fee. The date of the cancellation is the date when the training provider receives the written cancellation. Participants cancelling later than 14 days before the program start or participants who do not attend the program will have to pay the fee (and VAT if applicable) in full.

Course dates and registration is here:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the next program start?

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    We run our “Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders” 3 times a year or whenever we can find a cohort of 6 people. We aim at offering the program at different times of day and days of the week. There should be a suitable start point for you. If not, write to us and we will see if we can get people together for a class at the time that you want 🙂

    Click here for an overview of classes  and starting dates

  • What guarantees the quality of the program?

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    • The program will be accredited with EMCC guaranteeing the international recognition of the quality of the training.
    • SolutionsAcademy is an accredited member institute of IASTI the International Alliance of Solution Focused Teaching Institutes guaranteeing the firm grounding in Solution Focused, a practical, respectful, resource- and progress oriented approach.
    • Our trainers are all certified coaches and have decades of experience coaching in the real world all over the globe.
  • Can I really attend the program from anywhere in the world?

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    • Your time investment is two hours every week. Even busy people will find the time to profit from our training without putting a strain on their life. In fact, since you are being coached as well as learning to coach, your life will probably become even easier when you join our training.
    • You participate online and from your desk or hotel room. There is no need to spend valuable hours in trains, planes, automobiles or hotels saving you time and energy.
    • The system is stable: you can dial in via phone or internet — so you really can attend from anywhere!
    • The sessions are run with Zoom: as easy to connect as a mouseclick. There is friendly support for technophobes. Offline material is available in a modern “moodle” environment. You can access the learning material whenever you want, wherever you are, which gives you optimal flexibility and choice on where and how to spend your time.
    • The small group with a maximum of 12 participants and the possibility to do breakout rooms in the virtual environment for even smaller groups make the training highly interactive. You get lots of hands-on practice and feedback so that you learn fast, efficiently and effectively.
  • Who are the other people in the class?

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    • The training is truly global and set up so that people from all over the world can join (Asia, Europe, American time-zones). Meet, be coached by and learn to coach global participants. We have had participants from the US, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Romania, UK, South-Africa, Mexico, Saudi-Arabia, India, Singapore, Phillipines, Australia, Nigeria. Perfect practice for today’s world.
    • We aim at attracting a diverse international group of a maximum of 12 participants from all over Europe, America, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia:  leaders, managers from all industries.  We believe that diversity of coaching issues, personality and cultural background will make our learning group richer and more challenging for the participants.
    • The training is highly practical and transferable to your worklife and perfect for global managers and leaders. Solution Focused coaching is effective, pragmatic, ethical, non-invasive and respectful and easily adaptable to many situations.
  • Who are the trainers?

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    • All trainers are certified ICF and most are EMCC accredited coaches.
    • All trainers have more than 10 years experience coaching in the real world.
    • Kirsten Dierolf, MCC our program director, is member of the assessor team for the International Coach Federation for PCC and MCC candidates.
    • Kirsten is also a founding mother of virtual training — she started training virtually when nobody even knew what this is and is a real virtual guru!
    • All of our trainers bios be found here.
  • What are the steps to certification?

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    • 20 hour coach training program (our program has 38 hours)
    • 1 year experience as a coach or mentor
    • 5 clients
    • 5 client feedbacks
    • 16 hours professional development (included in course)
    • Supervision 1 hour per quarter (included in course)
    • 5 reflections
  • What are the languages of the program?

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    • The program is currently available in English, German, Italian, Romanian, Polish, Farsi, French, Chinese, Turkish and Arabic
    • We are actively working on a Spanish and Japanese version – please contact us if you are interested
    • All other languages available upon request (large trainer pool)
    • All time zones and almost all major languages can be arranged if you have a group of 6 people
  • What are the technical requirements?

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    • The program is run via zoom
    • International phone dial in is available guaranteeing stable operation from almost anywhere
    • If you want to join via computer, you will need a camera and a headset
  • What is my investment?

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    • 38 hour  program leading up to accreditation at EMCC foundation level (EQI) including all supervision hours (supervision hours market value = 1200 €): € 1800 (plus 19% VAT)*
    • Bespoke classes available (talk to us:
    • * VAT applies for all bookings within Germany (B2B and B2C), for individuals in the EU without a valid VAT number and for bookings outside the EU. For companies in the EU reverse charge applies. Companies outside the EU need to supply a proof of local company registration for us to be able to forgo charging VAT.
    • The course can be paid in installments and we expect to have been paid in full before the end of the program.
    • Any cancellations will have to be in written form. If the participant cancels later than 30 working days before the start of the program, 60% of the fee (and VAT if applicable) will have to be paid as an administrative fee. The date of the cancellation is the date when the training provider receives the written cancellation. Participants cancelling later than 14 days before the program start or participants who do not attend the program will have to pay the fee (and VAT if applicable) in full.
  • How do I register?

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