April 28, 2023

Supporting clients by inviting them to write

Some clients like journaling or writing in general and use it as a way to reflect and grow. It makes a lot of sense to utilize these skills and invite clients to continue using what they are already doing as a way to support themselves between sessions. Here are a few ideas which you may incorporate into your coaching processes:

1) Gratitude and success diary

Invite the client to take note of what they are grateful for and their small successes every day. Our friend Julia Kalenberg has a great exercise to complement that. Clients take 5 beans and put them into their left pocket, and whenever something happens that they are grateful for, they put one bean into the right pocket. Clients could also take pictures of these moments with their phone and put them into their diary. An online whiteboard like jamboard, mural, miro could be a good place for this.

2) Letters to the future

Clients could be invited to write letters to their future selves. Futureme.org offers a free email delivery service. Clients can have their letter delivered to the email address of their choice at a date that they specify.

3) Brain dump

Sometimes, when clients experience overwhelm, it is helpful for them to write down everything that is going on. Again, an online whiteboard might be a good place for this as they can later sort the notes into clusters and prioritize what to tackle first

There are probably many more great ideas around writing in coaching – would you like to invent some with us? If yes, why not come to one of our free meetup and exchange sessions?

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