April 14, 2023

Growing your own mastery in coaching

Hey, It’s Raf here.

When I started SF Masterclass in November, my focus was on getting the MCC accreditation. It was laser focus :) Who wouldn’t be, right?  

Yet, as I started my classes, interacting with the group and speaking with my mentors and teachers, my focus shifted and mind opened.

I realised ‘mastery’ means so much more for me and these three things emerged.

Look inside

Carl Jung said once ‘who lookes insides, awakes’. I love it, as when you pause and look inside- how you connect with people, how you partner with clients, how you hold the space for them and how you coach them, peeling all the layers and looking deeper and deeper, you discover new levels of self-awarness.  

You uncover new elements of your coaching persona and start paying attention more to your strengths and superpowers and how you can use them even more and better.  You also see things that need polishing, your diamonds in the rough. The details of masterfulness that you can still unlock and offer to the cients.  During the course, I had a chance to do it continuosly as I was meeting my peers and teachers.

Look outside

The beauty of our work and learning is to observe others, debate, discuss, share and get inspired. I know that my mastery wil be deeply infused with flavours of others’ coaching. Not to parrot them, but to honour the amazing skills they offer which I can mould in my own, authentic way. Over the duration of my course, I have transformed the way I ask questions, use metaphors, bring the time into the session, challenge my clients or simply appreciate their trust. Hundreds of micro- behaviours and expressions that I saw, loved, experimented with and shaped in the way that is authentic to me.  

Look into the mirror - mirror of others.

“OMG” was my thought when my mentor shared their observations and perceptions of me and my coaching. The conversation that shifted something in me and empowered me to dive more into who I am and how I coach. Sitting with others and inviting their feedback, observations, questions about your coaching style is a courageous and necessary element of our growth.  I have met people who were generous, sensitive and extremely encouraging while offering me their feedback.  You can then collect the thoughts, ideas and with support of others experiment with them, look at them and decide how to use this knowledge in your mastery building journey.

I know this is not a post that offers you the ’10-step- guide- to- mastery-list’ type of message. On purpose. Growing your own mastery happens within, but in my humble view, invites the 3 dimensions I mentioned above.

And as for my MCC, I will get there - in my own, authentic way. In the meantime, I am simply a better coach and human. And that feels AMAZING :)

if you would like to talk about growing your own mastery, come to one of our free coach meetups or consider joining our next SF Masterclass.

See you around.



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