November 18, 2022

Forget the coaching competencies

Yes, actually, why not try that for a moment. Forget that coaching competencies ever existed. Forget everything you know about coaching and mentoring. This is not easy to do, but a very useful exercise.

What if you were simply a good person who wants to provide a service for others by having conversations with them? What if the value you bring as a "coach" (although that word would not exist) was the value you bring as a human being who is able to have great conversations which are about the other person. You would measure the value of the conversation by the way the other person (not yet named client) feels acknowledged, listened to and by how their thoughts, feelings and actions shift toward who they want to become and what they would like to do.

Imagine you designed your practice around this premise. Ask yourself:

  • when was the last conversation with someone that was entirely about this person?
  • when was the last conversation where I supported another person?
  • what made this conversation valuable and meaningful?
  • what did I do to make this happen?
  • what did I think and feel during the conversation?
  • where was my attention focused?
  • where did I invite the other person to focus their attention?

I would guess that the answers that you give yourself have some similarities to the core competences of ICF and EMCC. However, if you think about how YOU deliver value, you might discover your sparkle and find out where your personal mastery in conversations is. You might even continue to think about the parts of the conversation that you were not so content with or that the other person might not have been content with and use this as an opportunity to grow.

I am very interested in your answers -- if you would like to, why don't you share them here:

I promise I will let you know about the results when I have a few answers. If you would like to talk about your sparkle, exchange ideas, talk about cases or learn about our courses, why not join one of our free coaching meetups and exchanges:

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