International Solution Focused trainings

  •       Relevant, practical, oriented at results
  •       Individual and interactive
  •       Based on current research
  •       Fun 

Who are the target groups 

  •       Employees with many interfaces
  •       Specialists
  •       Junior managers
  •       Middle managers
  •       (we offer customized trainings for executives)

What are the benefits of our training programs?

Participants reflect on their daily business and focus on what works well and what can be improved. They receive targeted, state-of-the-art input on the areas which they would like to work on and develop their own strategies for implementation. The solution focused methodology deployed in the workshops makes learning easier and can be learned in passing and implemented in future improvement projects. We focus on sustainable implementation – there are follow-up workshops or phone calls. We customize every workshop to fit the needs of our target group and align with the company strategy. This way we can show how training and development contributes clearly to the company success.

What is the methodology?

Our in-company workshops are always based on a detailed goal setting and information gathering process with the management or the training and development specialists. We interview potential participants and ask for critical incidents or relevant information to use as case studies so that our workshops have a real live feel.

Our workshops are very interactive. We work with small groups, demonstrations, videos, presentations, case-work, role-plays, video feedback, and exercises. We guarantee the implementation of the learning by follow-up sessions or individual coachings after the event.

Where have you done this before?

We have been conducting in-company trainings since 1996. We work in Europe, USA, Australia and Asia mainly in the finance sector, the pharmaceutical and chemical industry and in IT and technology fields. Our customers are medium sized companies to large global corporations. References are available upon request.

Who are the trainers?

We work with a large international network of experienced solution focused trainers who can work in almost all languages. We have specialists for almost all cultures.

Our Topics

For employees, specialists and managers

For junior managers 

For middle management 

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