“It is absolutely fascinating how SolutionsAcademy manages to make a workshop that I had only attended because I wanted a refresher into an inspiring experience! I went home with lots of unexpected experiences. They manage to make addressing issues in a Solution Focused way look so easy that you almost overlook how consistent they are in their approach! Thank you!!” (Participant in a workshop)

“In search of excellence? Find the Solution(sAcademy)” (HR-director)

“I met Kirsten Dierolf, the owner and manager of SolutionsAcademy. She is extremely competent, enthusiastic and engaging. I loved both my executive coaching sessions and her workshops” (Executive in consulting)

“I was coached by SolutionsAcademy a few years ago in a Sales Coaching program with training sessions and individual coachings. I liked the professional and balanced way in which my coach enabled me to talk about difficult topics. She was able to steer my thought process in an elegant and Solution Focused way” (Sales Director)

“SolutionsAcademy trainings are fun, engaging and creative. The trainers had loads of experience and a huge amount of interesting knowledge. They were always able to adress questions and react in a flexible way to anything the group wanted or needed — thank you” (Participant in a training)

“SolutionsAcademy coaches supported my leadership team in helping us coach our direct reports. The were extremely competent and helpful” (Executive in IT)

“We had to address the specific cultural differences after a merger of two European departments and needed to engage in team building and lay the foundation for a successful collaboration. SolutionsAcademy worked with local consultants. I found them to be highly competent consultants. We collaborated intensively on goal setting, the roadmap for the organizational development and the measures involved. The workshops were engaging and fun with playful elements. The people from both locations reacted very positively and we now have a good basis. I can only recommend SolutionsAcademy for any company in need of competent consulting in the intercultural field.” (Executive in IT)

“I was coached when I had to restructure my department. The conversations led to an important decision which in the end turned out to be correct!” (Executive in Finance)

“Thank you for the training — the tips and tricks were good value. I am applying them already!” (Project Manager in IT)

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