Individual Mentoring

How are the mentoring sessions run?

After a free initial call of 25 minutes

  • you send an MP3 audio file with a recording of you coaching a client. The recording should not bee longer than 60 minutes. Please send it to your mentor via dropbox or WeTransfer or directly via email. You must have your client’s permission to share the recording.
  • you book a mentoring sessions one week after your mentor receives your recording
  • the mentor listens to your recording
  • during the mentoring session you discuss the recording according to the respective credential competencies (either by listening to it together again, by discussing specific issues — what went well, what could have been done differently — and practicing possible alternative coaching techniques)
What is my investment?

Each mentoring session (including your mentor listening to the recording before the session) is 200 € plus 19% VAT if invoiced to an individual within the EU or a company inside Germany or an individual inside the European Union without VAT number.

The recordings should not exceed 60 minutes, the online mentoring session (via zoom) is 55 minutes.

How do I book an initial call?

To register for a free initial conversation please book a time slot of 25 minutes here by clicking on “information on coach training and other services”

If you have any questions, please book an exploratory free 25 minute call here:

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