Management & Executive Coaching

A team member has been promoted. A manager received negative feedback in the employee opinion survey. There are conflicts between manager and team. A manager has taken on a new role or wants to prepare for a new role. An executive is taking on an international role for the first time. An organization wants to establish a new leadership culture. A sales manager wants to learn to coach his team.

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Team Coaching & Virtual Team Coaching

The team was just formed. There were restructuring or change processes. The team has a new team leader. Strategy has changed. Parts of the team tasks have been outsourced. Team members are suffering due to bad atmosphere or conflicts in the team or with others. A team wants to develop and exchange best practices.

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Organizational Development

New units have been formed after a restructuring. One department was formed out of two previous units and wants to start collaborating effectively. The whole sales organization wants to exchange best practices. A new strategy needs to be communicated, the people in the organization need to be convinced and commit to implement it. Management would like to start useful conversation with the customers. There is a problem which needs the input of everybody in the whole organization. Future challenges require brainstorming by the whole staff. A new organization is formed and needs a motivating kick-off.

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Online Training in Team-Coaching

ICF accredited (ACTP) coach trainings for leaders and HR. 100% Online. Face to face also available. Highly adaptable program to meet your organization’s needs.

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