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Testimonials for Online Coach Training

It has been very valuable having the coaching toolset also for teaching. Using Solution Focused Coaching really helps get to a result with the children because it is really driven by “what are we going to do next”. I am now combining it with yoga — there are a lot of synergies. 

Katja Saldanha

Teacher and Coach

I joined Kirsten’s program especially because I wanted to improve my coaching. I would really recommend her program because it gives you insights and new ideas on how to approach work with teams and also organizations.

Robert Brecelj

MBA Student, Slovenia

I work with a solution focused approach now. In order to be effective in my job, working with disabled people, I took the course to learn the subtle nuances of the approach. I understood that it is best for the coach to use simple 5$ words and not use words that are hard to understand.

Ramu Iyver

Job Coach, Provale, California

I was really amazed by the level of relationships that were built by this group. I feel totally connected to everybody out there. I enrolled because I wanted an ICF certification and I certainly got all I need for that, but I got so much more: honing my 1 to 1 coaching practice, developing my skills in coaching teams and organizations. I always was a bit scared of conflict situations: now I look forward to them!

2018 Coach Training Group

Coach, Consultant, HR, various

Testimonials for Mentoring

Die MCC-Zertifizierung war eine Herausforderung. Kirstens hilfreiche Rückmeldungen, der intensive Austausch und Ihre Freude am Coaching waren für mich eine riesige Hilfe. Vielen Dank Kirsten.

The Certification as MCC was a challenge for me. Kirsten’s helpful feedback, the intensive exchange and her joy of coaching were an enormous help for me. Thank you so much, Kirsten!

Frank Pyko, MCC

Geschäftsführer, Imfluss AG

I had the great pleasure of working with Kirsten as a mentor for the ICF MCC certification process. I learned a lot from her crystal clear, accurate feedback, as well as from her extremely useful and helpful tips. And there was her material treasure chest, into which she let me look generously. I always looked forward to our next session, to the appreciative atmosphere, spiced with Kirsten’s dry humor.

Ich hatte das große Vergnügen, mit Kirsten als Mentorin für den ICF MCC Zertifizierungsprozess zu arbeiten. Durch ihr kristallklares, auf den Punkt genaues Feedback habe ich viel gelernt, auch durch ihre äußerst nützlichen und hilfreichen Tipps. Und da war noch ihr Material-Schatzkästchen, in das sie mich großzügig schauen ließ. Ich habe mich immer auf unsere nächste Sitzung gefreut, auf die wertschätzende Atmosphäre, gewürzt mit Kirstens trockenem Humor.

Doris van der Sand, MCC

Kirsten vermochte es im Mentorcoaching auf erfrischend-leichte und gleichzeitig herausfordernde Art, den Mindset hinter dem MCC nachvollziehbar, zugänglich und somit für meine Coachpraxis verfügbar zu machen. So wurden Kirstens „words of Coaching wisdom“ gleichzeitig Ansporn und innerer Kompass für zukünftige Coachinggespräche auf diesem besonderen Level. Eine wirklich inspirierende und bereichernde Erfahrung für mich und meine sich erweiternde Identität als Coach.

In this mentorcoaching Kirsten was able to make the mindset behind the MCC comprehensible, accessible and thus available for my coaching practice in a refreshingly easy and at the same time challenging way for my being as a coach. Kirstens “Words of Coaching Wisdom” became both an incentive and an inner compass for future coaching conversations at this special level. A truly inspiring and enriching experience for me and my expanding identity as a coach

Anne Schweppenhäuser, MCC

Geschäftsführerin, C!cero Organisationsentwicklung GmbH

Ich habe Kirsten als Mentorin mit einer fundiert professionellen und gleichzeitig humorvoll empathischen Herangehensweise erlebt. Jedes Mentoring war einzigartig, reichhaltig an Wissen und voll mit „Passion for Coaching“. Dank ihrer wertvollen Unterstützung war der MCC Zertifizierungsprozess für mich nicht nur eine berufliche sondern auch eine persönliche Bereicherung!

I experienced Kirsten as mentor with a well-founded professional and at the same time humorous empathic approach. Every mentoring was exceptional, with accumulated knowledge und full of “Passion for Coaching”. Due to her valuable support the MCC Certification Process was not just a professional but also a personal gain.

Karen Neumann, MCC

Neumann Business und Life Coaching

Testimonials for MCC Masterclasses

The MCC Masterclass conducted by Kirsten was impactful. She was able to explain clearly and succinctly what the competencies at MCC Level means. The examples that she gave helped me to appreciate the essence of artful and masterful coaching. Thank you, Kirsten.  

Sophie Tay

PCC Coach and Principal Learning Consultant, www.seraphcorp.net, Singapore

The content Kirsten delivered was clear and concise, with lots of extremely useful information on how to achieve a level of masterful coaching.

Diana Petrov

Solution Focused Coach, Singapore

Hats off to Kirsten for the generous sharing of resources and being a great mentor. It surely helped built up my confidence towards getting my MCC in a couple of years.

Agnes Hautea Nano

PCC, Manila, Phillipines

I greatly enjoyed Kirsten Dierolf’s  MCC Masterclass. It was excellently organised and it was very useful to learn and understand exactly how the competencies work and are assessed. An extremely valuable training which I would recommend for anyone considering MCC accreditation.

Sukanya Malini Wignaraja

PCC, Sri Lanka

I really loved Kirsten’s practical and fun way of teaching! The atmosphere that Kirsten created in the class by combining her knowledge with the curiosity and interests of the people present, allowed me to deepen my knowledge in a different way.  Since I was enjoying myself, I noticed more creativity emerging in my use of the competencies. This will definitely impact my coaching approach from now on!

Yana Ricart

Counsellor and Coach, Singapore

It was a very rich and fruitful session to delve deep into the ICF 11 core competencies. The concrete examples and points used were very useful.

Joe Chan, PCC

REACH, Singapore

The Masterclass is one of my best investments this year. Kirsten has a unique knack of translating concepts into bite size learning.  I’m now more confident on my quest for MCC. Bravo to a great Masterclass.

Alex Tan

PCC , Malaysia

I really appreciated  Kirsten’s generosity in sharing her experience and elaborating on the MCC Competencies. It was helpful for me to understand what it takes to achieve MCC level and give me clarity to plan my personal coach training path.

Jane Siew Tian Cha

PCC, Singapore

I truly appreciated the rich content and many tips, which were shared during the MCC Masterclass. I particularly valued Kirsten’s depth of knowledge and generous sharing.

Avital Carmon

Leadership Coach and Facilitator, Singapore

I went from not evening thinking about pursuing MCC to becoming hopeful candidate in a year or two as a result of the master class!

Edwin Choy

PCC, Coach and Coach Trainer, Singapore

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