Business Development Mastermind Group


Business Development Mastermind Group

Two hours weekly

Now that you have completed your coaching certification and you are on your way to set up your practice, you are wondering for sure “Now what?”.

Momentum. Business plan. Positioning. Brand. Revenue. Impact. Experience. Pricing. Offer. Peers. Many more

All of these are topics faced by any coach setting up a practice. And not only.
The past months showed us that we need to accept change and have the curiosity to explore alternative forms of the future.
Those are the moments when you mostly need a board of advisors, someone that is faced with exactly the same problem, a network of peers that can chip-in with ideas.

All of those you can find at the Business Development Mastermind. At once.

Each participant gets to work on their topic and at the same time share their knowledge and experience with the group.
Participants challenge each other to become a better form of themselves, to set up bold goals and work towards them and grow their business.

The Mastermind is a mix of peer accountability, sound board and support for you and your business.

This is how it works:
We will meet for 1,5 hours every week for 6 months. 25 times in total so that everyone get to sit on the “hot seat” and on the “share your expertise seat” 

Summing up:
– 37,5 hours of coaching and peer support filled with SF tools and questions
dedicated time to work on developing your business
– focus on your business
– input from your peers that have been or are also going through similar things
– becoming the go to expert in your group for a topic of choice
– a strong connection with the other participants, each of you becoming advocates for the others and supporting each other in reaching your goals

“Great things never came from comfort zones” – it’s time to get uncomfortable and talk about your business development.

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