ICF Accredited Training: SF Professional Coaching for Agile

Are you an Agile Coach or a Scrum Master?
Do you want to develop your coaching skills, and work towards an ICF credential?

This “SF Professional Coaching for Agile” training course will help you:

  • Have more effective coaching conversations with people at all levels, from developers to CTOs and beyond.
  • Coach individuals as well as teams, in order to work with senior leaders, help the best people develop faster, and respond more effectively to anyone who’s struggling or underperforming
  • Lead workshops that are more engaging and energising, get more buy-in, and generate progress more quickly and easily
  • Learn sophisticated ways to “coach by asking” (instead of “coaching by telling”), so you can get people enthusiastic about driving change forward themselves
  • Understand the needs of customers, senior leaders, and other stakeholders more quickly – and influence them more effectively
  • Develop communication skills for use outside of formal coachings/workshops, to enhance all meetings and less formal conversations
  • Use “Solution Focused” methods for coaching in complex situations, generating more psychological safety, better team-communication, and less resistance to change. SF is also relatively quick and easy to learn, especially suitable for a business context, and highly aligned with the Agile Manifesto values and principles.
  • Progress your career by working towards ICF-certification, enabling you to get better contracts and coach effectively at even the most senior level.


  • The course is ICF-accredited
  • It provides 30 hours of training (the minimum to start logging coaching hours towards ICF-accreditation)

Training format

  • Live, interactive and highly enjoyable Zoom workshops – comfortable, fun participation from anywhere in the world
  • 13 weekly workshops, each lasting 2 hours – so you can easily integrate the training into a busy life, and you have plenty of chance to put learnings into practice after each session
  • 4 hours of “asynchronous” learning (background reading and coaching practice)
  • It’s a highly practical course. Each workshop includes a new coaching skill and the chance to practice it in the workshop – so you’re are ready to make immediate use of your learning.
  • Sessions are recorded and uploaded to a course “moodle”, along with other coaching resources

Next Steps

Our next course starts Monday September 21st, 5pm UK time / 6pm CET: https://app1.edoobox.com/Solution/SF%20Professional%20Coaching%20for%20Agile%20ACSTH/Course.ed.451080/?edref=solution

What would you like to do next? You can book a place, come to a meetup, ask us a question, book a call with us or check out the course schedule:

You can book your place on the course registration page. 

Our forthcoming meetups: “SF Coaching for Agile – Free Meetup and Exchange”:

You can email your questions to Roy Marriott at roy@solutionsacademy.com

To see if the course is right for you, you can book a call directly with the course trainer, Roy Marriott – just choose your time zone and select a timeslot below:

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