SF Professional Coaching for Agile Part 2

This training is for Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters who want to develop their professional coaching skills and gain an ICF credential.

It’s suitable for you if you’ve either (a) completed SF Professional Coaching for Agile Part 1, or (b) you have some experience of coaching individuals and teams using the Solution Focus approach.

This course will help you further in:

  • Having more effective coaching conversations with people at all levels, from developers to CTOs and beyond.
  • Leading workshops that are more engaging and energising, get more buy-in, and generate progress more quickly and easily
  • Understanding the needs of customers, senior leaders, and other stakeholders more quickly – and influence them more effectively
  • Coaching individuals as well as teams, in order to work with senior leaders, help the best people develop faster, and respond more effectively to anyone who’s struggling or underperforming
  • Developing communication skills for use outside of formal coachings/workshops, to enhance all meetings and less formal conversations
  • Using “Solution Focused” methods for coaching in complex situations, generating more psychological safety, better team-communication, and less resistance to change. SF is also relatively quick and easy to learn, especially suitable for a business context, and highly aligned with the Agile Manifesto values and principles.
  • Progressing your career by working towards ICF-certification, enabling you to get more contracts and coach effectively at even the most senior level.

The course has two main aims:

  1. Develop your coaching skills and fluency (with individuals, leaders and teams)
  2. Prepare for gaining an ICF credential (so people have more confidence in your coaching ability, and you can win more work as a result)

Coaching Skills

Throughout the course you’ll be developing your coaching skills, through learning new perspectives and techniques, practising and receiving (helpful, friendly and constructive) feedback on your coaching to ensure you get to ACC level (and beyond).

Here are some skills you’ll develop:

  • coaching more naturally, with more fluency
  • develop your confidence as a coach
  • knowing when to say yes and when to say no to a coaching request – what it’s OK to coach and what topics aren’t OK.
  • handling difficult coaching situations more easily and effectively, e.g.
    • when coachees are feeling hopeless
    • when there’s a lot of negativity
    • when you don’t feel confident the client will take action
  • understanding SF more fullly – how it works and the principles behind the practices
  • developing flexibility with SF – based on a deeper understanding of the principles, generating a wider range of questions, more fully fitting for the client
  • deepening your “coaching stance”, so that clients take more responsibility for their learning and progress, and get better results
  • using coaching to generate change (without generating resistance) in teams and organisations
  • using “pre-session change” to support clients in making faster progress with less effort
  • “partnering” with clients to co-create a process and increase engagement
  • responding to “energy shifts”
  • taking the coaching conversation “up a level”
    • coaching for learning and transformation, not just for immediate action
    • discovering what the client(s) really want to talk about
  • multiple ways to conclude the session
  • supporting the client(s) in making progress outside sessions
  • Handling specific coaching situations:
    • Decisions
    • People who know what to do but are not doing it
    • People who don’t want coaching (“Mandated Clients”)
  • Conflict Coaching – coaching a conflict with both parties present
  • Team Coaching skills. All the above skills are applicable to both individuals and teams. There are also two session specifically for Team Coaching – topics will be chosen according to your needs and requests.

Getting your ICF Credential

This course aims to take you to the level of ACC – your first ICF Credential:

  • Training Hours: It provides you with 30 more hours of training hours (“ACSTH”), up to the 60 required for ACC
  • Coach Knowledge Exam: you’ll learn all you need to know in order to pass the ICF “Coach Knowledge Exam”
  • Mentor Coaching: you’ll get at least 4 more hours group mentor coaching – taking you up to the 7 hours of group mentor coaching required for ACC. (You’ll also need 3 hours of 1-1 mentor coaching, which is available separately at a discounted rate for course participants)

Training format

  • Live, interactive and highly enjoyable Zoom workshops – comfortable, fun participation from anywhere in the world
  • 13 weekly workshops, each lasting 2 hours – so you can easily integrate the training into a busy life, and you have plenty of chance to put learnings into practice after each session
  • 4 hours of “asynchronous” learning (background reading and coaching practice)
  • It’s a highly practical course. Each workshop includes a new coaching skill and the chance to practice it in the workshop – so you’re are ready to make immediate use of your learning.
  • Sessions are recorded and uploaded to a course “moodle”, along with other coaching resources

Next steps:

To reserve your place, go to the course booking page. (and click on the green “Register Now” button at the top right)

To see if the course is right for you, you can email questions or book a call with the course trainer Roy Marriott, at roy@roymarriott.com.

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