Who we are


SolutionsAcademy People

Kirsten Dierolf is the director, owner and founder of SolutionsAcademy. She works with an international network of multilingual, solution focused consultants, trainers and coaches. We are truly international. Even our competitors often ask us for our contacts in obscure locations (which we gladly supply). Try us.

You can find our Solution Focused network of consultants at www.asfct.org/memberslist.php

We partner with

TMA World for intercultural and global trainings with a comprehensive tool for intercultural competence: the Country Navigator

Lassert CoachingTrainingDiagnostics in executive coaching and a superb and innovative tool: the development tracker for customized learning feedback

Haufe Akademie for large, administratively complex training programs in Germany

Rox GmbH and Borg Ltd. for international projects in sales qualification, sales coaching and sales negotiation


SolutionsAcademy Philosophy

We are solution focused — in short, this means that we will concentrate on finding out what our clients are looking for, look for things that make the client confident that they can get there and define steps into that direction. We collaborate with our partners in the organisation and base our interactions on trust and “making each other look good”. We are not interested in proving our clients wrong.

Solution focused consultancy is defined at www.asfct.org where we are a founding member. Kirsten Dierolf currently serves as president of the organisation. Solution focused conversations are an evidence based practice for creating sustainable solutions for clients. What we do is scientifically sound and far away from the ever changing market driven hypes in Human Resource development: you can trust us to be 100% bullshit-free.

SolutionsAcademy Structure

SolutionsAcademy offers consultancy, coaching and training in many languages: www.solutionsacademy.com. We also train coaches, trainers and consultants in the solution focused approach: www.solutionsacademy.de. A third part of our business is our publishing house:  www.solutionsacademy.info.



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